Three Benefits of Teaching Children About Entrepreneurship

As a first-generation college graduate, I experienced a lot of firsts on my own. Submitting college applications, acquiring internships opportunities, and beginning an unknown journey into corporate America. As a young mom and entrepreneur, my goal is to give my daughter the tools and resources I wish I had growing up so that she doesn’t have to navigate the same hardships I did. I’m doing this by teaching her about entrepreneurship at an early age.

An entrepreneurial mindset can create a strong foundation for a child’s future. Below are three benefits of teaching children about entrepreneurship.

Profound work ethic and appreciation for money

Entrepreneurship is not easy. The quote, “You reap what you sow,” is especially applicable in entrepreneurship. You’ll have to work harder than anyone else to make your dreams come true. That hard work and determination will usually lead to profit, and when it does, it’ll be that much more valuable because you’re aware of all the sacrifices you made to reach your goal.

Teaching children about entrepreneurship can help them understand that success takes time, hard work, and sacrifice. It will also teach them that money doesn’t come easily and should be valued and appreciated.

Cultivate creativity and collaboration

Children are naturally curious and creative. Unfortunately, that imagination dims when they transition into toxic work environments. Teaching entrepreneurship to young children can help them appreciate their creativity and curiosity, and encourage them to pursue their ideas for future projects. Learning about entrepreneurship can also help them value collaboration and the importance of a balanced team to accomplish big goals and tasks.

Develop grit and overcome rejection

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned as an entrepreneur is that even the best and well-intentioned ideas can fail to take off. While many small business owners call it quits after a failure, a determined entrepreneur will stay on track until their dream is a reality. When teaching my daughter about entrepreneurship, I emphasize the high probability of rejection.

Being denied a loan, opportunity, or partnership isn’t the end all be all, and making sure kids understand that can be a huge advantage. Helping them persevere and push through rejection.