Three Skills Women Entrepreneurs Need to Succeed

Entrepreneurship is serious business. It’s a journey most people are too afraid to take, and those that do often wonder why they did it in the first place. Entrepreneurship can be scary, intimidating, and lonely, but it can also be rewarding, fun, and unforgettable.

Running your own business as a woman comes with a long list of pros and cons, but like with anything else a woman faces, nothing is too big of a challenge. If you’re a women entrepreneur or looking to launch your own business soon, below are three skills you’ll need to succeed.


Like with anything else in life, communication is key. In business, this is especially important because your business is on the line. Whether you’re communicating with a potential investor about your ideas, connecting with a peer in a networking event, or simply trying to communicate your thoughts onto your business plan, communication matters. Make sure this skill is on the top of your list of skills before jumping into the deep end.


Being a problem solver doesn’t mean you can solve a complex math equation in under a minute. It means that when faced with a problem, you’re able to face it head-on and work towards solving it. While every problem might not have the perfect solution, you should be able to step back, analyze the situation, and create a plan for moving forward. If you freeze at the sight of even the slightest problem, it’s time to brush up on those skills.


One of my biggest insecurities when it comes to being an entrepreneur is money. I know, right. Sounds silly. Entrepreneurship is the essence of financial freedom, so getting over your negative money mindset is essential to success. Negotiation is at the core of that. Whether it’s negotiating a higher investment, negotiating a higher price for your services, or negotiating your responsibilities as the CEO, you should be comfortable going back and forth until you reach the desired outcome.

Entrepreneurship isn’t easy. It also isn’t for everyone. Entrepreneurship takes skills, confidence, and the go-getter mentality that most people are too afraid to uncover. You’re not most people, though. So, go out there. Boost your communication, prove your problem-solving skills, and negotiate your way to happiness. You deserve it.