Complete Your Wardrobe: 2017 Fall and Winter Fashion Trends

Summer is officially over, which means boot season is back! So as your closet transitions from sundresses and shorts to scarfs and jackets, what will you be rocking this fall season? Well before you get ready to upgrade your wardrobe, take a look at a few of the biggest fall and winter trends of 2017.

You know how people say what goes around, comes around? Well, that’s just the case this season for fashion! We all have seen the 90s reincarnate itself this year in the fashion industry. Trends have included the comeback of round glasses, combat boots, mommy jeans, and all other things denim. Flannel clothing and chocker necklaces have also made reappearances. If you’re looking to get a little more comfortable, you can also add loose shirts to your wardrobe, as they’re back in style! Now for those of you who want an elegant and sleek style, matching sets are the new big thing! This can range from a crop top and skirt set, to a jacket and trouser set.

Well just as styles from the 90s have made a comeback, you can also expect to see a reoccurrence of many styles from the 70s. The rule of thumb for this is one throwback piece per outfit! So whether that means adding an A-line skirt to your wardrobe, wearing bright plaid print, or rocking a fringe selection, be on the look out for these styles in a store near you.

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Another hot commodity this season is the fabric velvet! Though it made a comeback last season, it is back again for round 2 and this time the trend is on a new level. Velvet can now be worn in various selections. Whether it is as a dress, skirt, shirt, pants, or jumpsuit, you can expect to find your perfect selection in the soft fabric. It can also be found now in intimates, accessories, and shoes. So if you use to love the elegant fabric, then get excited because it’s taking over the stores this fall season!

Many designers this season have focused on bringing stylish pieces to the workplace. According to Ivana Steriova with Fashionisers, as a career-oriented woman, you can expect to see fierce suits, plaid pencil skirts and shirts with innovative cuts. In addition to that, a lot of designers are making political statements this season. You can expect a lot of ensembles to include slogans.

A few other things to look for this fall are winter floral prints and sheer layering. If you’re really looking to make a statement and spice things up, then go bold and add a heavy embellished piece to your outfit. Glitter, metallic, and sequins pieces will be trending as well. You can also expect to see the comeback of puffer jackets, vintage inspired furs and nylon coats. Broad shoulders, Victorian collars, and button/zip-ups will also be back in style. As far as accessories go, you can expect a lot of retro hats, wide belts, and fishnets.

Now that you know what styles to search for, what color will be taking over the streets this fall?! Bold and bright red is the color you’ll want to add to your wardrobe. After Fashion Week, “power red” became the evident color of the season. So if you don’t already own an item in that color, no worries because it will be seen in most stores.

So as you prepare to cozy up this fall, look at what’s trending! Fashion this season has a great deal to offer and can be tailored to your needs and style. Look into your closet; you just may have an older piece that’s trending again!