Embrace Change and Grow Your Small Business During the Pandemic

It’s hard to imagine our lives pre-pandemic. Strict routines, busy schedules, and growing businesses. Small businesses have been one of the areas most impacted by COVID-19. State-mandated closures, restricting guidelines, and concerned consumers have left millions of small businesses across America wondering whether their companies will survive the crisis.

Black customer buying bakery products

Instead of waiting around hoping for the pandemic to end, it’s time you take matters into your own hands and adapt your business. Remember, if nothing changes, nothing changes. Below are some tips on how to embrace change and grow your small business during the pandemic.

Tweak your services

If you’re open to embracing change, this step might not be so hard for you. During these trying times, being open to change and adapting to the current climate is key to ensuring your business doesn’t just survive but also grows. If you want to ensure your business comes out on the bright side of this crisis, then you have to be open to making changes.

Think about what challenges your industry is currently going through and how you can make things better. If you own a restaurant, consider how you can best serve your customers who are afraid of dining in. If you’re in the hospitality industry, brainstorm ways to safely welcome guests back into your property. There are countless ways to tweak your services to meet your goals.

Listen and leverage your strengths

If you’re fortunate enough to have a list of clients you have established a relationship with, it’s time to leverage those contacts. You’d be surprised how much customers want to help small businesses in these times of desperate need. Don’t be afraid to reach out to those clients and ask about how you can better serve them during these troubling times.

You’ll likely hear similar responses from those clients. Listen to their needs and offer them what they want. Allow your skills and strengths to shine as you adjust your offerings to the current needs of your customers and community.

Communicate effectively

There’s no point in tweaking your services and adjusting your offerings if your clients aren’t aware of it. Consistently updating your customers about your changes is key to ensuring they’re aware of their options. This is a great time to reconsider your marketing strategy and community outreach.

If your customers are most engaged and active on Instagram, then double-down of your communication efforts on the platform and make sure your voice is heard. Make sure you make the necessary updates to your website and other platforms as well. Consumers might be looking for exactly what you’re looking for, but if they don’t know about it, they’ll never become customers.