How to Build Resilience as a Female Entrepreneur

As a female entrepreneur, I’ve learned the hard way that things don’t always go as planned. Whether it was the launch that didn’t gain traction, the product that nobody bought, or the event that no one attended, all these incidences can lead to mental and emotional distress.

There’s one skill I’ve learned throughout my journey that has helped me get this far as an entrepreneur: resilience. Resilience is simply the ability to cope and recover from difficulties. It’s your strength to get back up after a loss and keep going.

If you’re a female entrepreneur and find yourself going through a difficult time, know you’re not alone. Luckily, resilience is a skill that can be learned and improved. Below are five ways to build resilience as a female entrepreneur.  

Know your why

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been ready to throw in the towel since becoming an entrepreneur. However, every time I find myself lost or feeling like a failure, I remind myself of why I started this journey in the first place. Coming back to your why in a time of distress can completely shift your mood and mindset, ultimately, leading to resiliency.  

Acknowledge your thoughts

It’s a very common thing to try and bury your thoughts to go about your day. However, that technique has been proven to only make matters worse in the long run. Whether you meditate, journal, or have regular check-ins with a friend, it’s crucial to acknowledge your thoughts to step out of a negative mindset.

Build a tribe

As a solopreneur, I never realized how hard it would be to work by myself 90 percent of the time. Don’t get me wrong, as an introvert, I love my alone time, but I quickly realized how important a tribe was to my success. Not only does your support group help keep you accountable, but they help you get up after a fall as well.

Take time off

We often don’t realize that exhaustion and burnout can be correlated to our negative thoughts and inner critic. As women, and especially as female entrepreneurs, our minds are constantly racing at a crazy speed. So, it’s important to schedule regular time off to give yourself (and your thoughts) some breathing room.

Reclaim your power

Amid a pitfall, we tend to forget that the only opinion that truly matters is our own. While it’s OK to welcome feedback and thoughts, it’s more important to remember that every decision, choice, and move is up to you. You have the power to get back up after a fall and continue to do so in your entrepreneurial journey.