Last month we discussed the #1 Secret to manifesting and enjoying healthy, vibrant, soulful, committed relationships to create the best version of yourself!  Each article will build on previous information to help you be extraordinary and experience the rewards of your “ultimate” relationship.

troubleinrelationshipRather than to continue doing what you have in the past and not getting the results you want, embrace that it’s time to go to the source… that is to uncover what might be holding you back.

Have you noticed that we as women are becoming more successful and capturing in positions of power?  Unfortunately, in the process we blur our roles at work and become more aggressive, demanding, and controlling at home.  In other words, we are quickly and steadily assuming the typical male role in our relationships. We no longer seek input from our man to make decisions, and in the process frequently find ourselves being more abrupt and critical with our loved ones.  Moreover, we feel better and even more empowered as we make decisions and gain desirable results.  So what do we do?

The #2 Secret is to embrace your male and feminine energy, choosing to be able to flow back and forth in that magical, wondrous dance of love.  Ask yourself, “Must I continually be in charge?” Consider what it would feel like for you to have a leading man… you know, the strong guy most of us yearn for?  This doesn’t mean we become weak and avoid expressing our thoughts, feelings, needs, and wants.  Instead it’s about engaging with our partner to discuss his thoughts, feelings, needs, and wants – and demonstrate Love in Action to create greater trust and intimacy.  It’s about a true partnership to help both of you get what you each want, and establish a sure fire way to gain more love and respect.

Try this quick self-inventory to determine your masculine and feminine behaviors:

  • Take a sheet of paper and begin to brainstorm the qualities that you recognize within yourself.
  • Now mark traditional female qualities such as being a good listener, taking care of others, and denote the more masculine qualities such as taking charge, being a leader, outspoken, etc.
  • Go through your list the third time and place a check mark next to the behaviors that you most prize.

Now determine how you “stack up.” Do you show up with behavioral characteristics that suggest more masculine or feminine qualities? Do you lean more one way than the other? Does your assessment represent a fairly equally balanced male-female attributes?  The truth is, the healthiest persons are the ones that employ both male and female characteristics and behaviors.  This way we are taking the best of both men and women.

Remember dancing, to lead and to follow, to let your love flourish!

Mamiko Odegard - PhDDr. Mamiko Odegard, the celebrated love, relationship, and performance expert, has long used her unique ACT on Love™ concept to benefit thousands of individuals and couples – helping them find love, happiness and success.