Don’t Lose a Friend Over Money

As human beings we are getting older by the moment. So are all of our family members and friends. Studies show that despite growing wiser and more experienced, the older we get the more friends we lose.

This is a touchy subject. Your best friend is always your best friend— except when they stop being your best friend.
There are so many reasons we lose these people who are close to us- whether it’s simply growing apart or something deeper.

One of the reasons many couples break up, is also a reason friends can have a falling out—money!

If your friends all make more money than you, it can be difficult to relate to them. Not to say it’s impossible to be friends with someone of a different economic status, but your priorities are likely to differ.

  • Maybe your friend eats out for every meal and you choose to bring your lunch or eat at home.
  • Maybe they buy the latest apparel from your favorite store.
  • Maybe they are on your dream vacation with their family right now.

Despite these subtle-yet-annoying displays of disposable income, it’s likely your friend does not even realize you are feeling this way. Or maybe you’re private about money and they had no idea you are trying to cut back.

More often then not your friend is not trying to flaunt their money in your face. It can be difficult to continue to cancel plans simply based off the fact you can not afford to go out with them and live their lifestyle.

graphicsttockTry approaching your friend with ideas that do not involve spending tons of money on things like food and drink. Suggest a hike, a free event, or walking your pets together. A true best friend would be happy just watching a movie you have seen hundreds of times with an $8 bottle of wine.

A conversation goes a long way. If they are truly your friend they will respect your honesty and instead of feeling bad for you, they will support you and be more considerate when they’re hanging out with you.