Device Keeps Hackers From Listening Through Phone Microphones

Photo credit: Via Kickstarter

It’s not just your computer’s webcam you have to worry about anymore, now hackers are tapping into microphones on various electronics.

But a piece of paper over the microphone won’t give the same security as it does when placing it over a camera. That’s why this company created a little device that mutes microphones, eliminating the possibility for hackers to tap into them and listen in on your conversations.

The device is called the “Nope Sound Blocker,” and was created by Bungajungle, a company that creates innovative gadgets for all your electronic needs.

The sound blocker plugs into any phone or computer headphone port. Once plugged in, it forces the device to think a microphone is installed, turning off the device’s on-board microphone and blocking out any sound.

The design is pleasant and mimics the side of a computer. It’s pretty inconspicuous and keeps the integrity of the computer or phone design intact.

Bungajungle also created the “Nope Webcam Cover” which is only 0.3 mm thick.

The cover even has a convenient design that allows users to slide a cover over the device’s webcam when it’s not in use, and open it when the user wants to use the camera for pictures or video.

Bungajungle’s project is currently 100 percent funded on Kickstarter and is taking orders that are expected to ship in October and November.

Photo credit: Via Kickstarter

The Nope covers come in either black or silver and can be purchased in bundles to help save money and protect numerous devices.

An essential pack comes with two sound blockers, two keychains that hold the sound blockers, and three camera covers for $25 dollars.

For more information on the Nope sound and camera covers, check out their info page on Kickstarter, or take a look at their ad below which shows the camera covers and sound blockers in action.