It is time to get yourselves and your families protected now for a New Year of more attacks on your personal information.  With the ever increasing use of Smartphone’s the opportunity for cybercriminals to steal private information is continuing to escalate.  Cybercriminals are focusing on the Android phones with more than “35,000 malicious programs identified in 2012” and more expected in the New Year.   A recent article posted on highlights many of the ways that “cyberthreats” can be harmful.

If you own a small business, or if you know someone who does, the use of mobile devices gives small companies dynamic flexibility, but they also create potential business nightmares.   Small business fraud and identity theft is increasing even faster than individual ID theft.  The proliferation of mobile devices within businesses makes the job of protecting data of all kinds a more challenging task.

Although there appear to be a multitude of solutions to try and prevent ID theft and fraud, the basic truth is that there is no way to account for all the possibilities.  Technology and our “open lives”, created by a powerful social media, foster too many loops and holes to close and fill with security.  So how do we protect ourselves and our small businesses when such security fails?

Identity Recovery and Restoration service memberships are available for individuals to have in place as an ultimate safety net for you and your family. We offer our members the finest resource in the USA.  There are also solutions via SmartFem small business experts for protection your small business.  Ask us about VBiz Small Business Services.