Author: Annette Loertscher

Self Concept: How Self-Esteem Affects Your Daily Life

As women we are conditioned to compare ourselves to each other in beauty as well as brains. Our view of ourselves begins with what our parents, teachers and friends tell us as we’re growing up. From magazines and billboards to conversations at home and school; we hear and see perceptions of beauty or perfection everywhere we turn. More often than not, we aren’t the prettiest or smartest girl in school or woman at work. I’ve got news for you… The girl who you thought was the prettiest or smartest didn’t think that of herself. She was just like you…thinking...

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A Guide to Spring and Summer Wardrobe Essentials

SmartFem’s fashion and beauty expert Annette Loertscher writes on fashion tips and how to shop and look your best for the Arizona summer.  Yes, it’s official, spring has arrived and summer is right around the corner! For fashionistas this is an extremely busy shopping time. Everyone is getting ready to shed their dark, multiple layers and start planning what to wear as the months get warmer and in our case, living in Arizona, hotter!! To assist in defeating the problem of having a closet full of clothes yet nothing to wear, I have put together some guidelines to help in building...

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Fashion and Fundraising Bring Women Together for a Night Full of Glamour and Hope

This particular article has been personally emotional to me because my past life flashed before my eyes recently at an event I attended on the evening of February 22, 2014. I was immediately moved to take action and pursue becoming actively involved with this fabulous organization. On this special evening I was one of nine invited guests at the National Bank of Arizona’s reserved table for the premier charity event of the season, the 18th annual Fresh Start Fashion Gala. Fresh Start Women’s Foundation is also known as “The Gates of Hope”. They assisted 5,000 women in the community...

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Making Yourself Over for Your Next Career- Putting Your Best Face Forward

SmartFem’s fashion and beauty expert Annette Loertscher gives tips on how to make the best first impression when interviewing for a new job. She meets with SmartFem expert Dr. Richard “Rick” Brown to get his input on non-surgical options to look your best for your next career.   When we are little, we dream big. We dream of what we want to do when we grow up, who we will be, and where we will live. Then we grow up, find a job and sometimes find out that what we thought we wanted to be or do just isn’t cutting...

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Finding the Ideal Pair of Shoes

“Can One Pair of Shoes Truly Make a Difference and Convey a Distinctive Image?” Finding the ideal pair of shoes to fulfill numerous essential requirements…is there such a pair out there?? Recently I’ve been on the search for the perfect pair of comfortable, sexy, stylish, fashionable, sophisticated shoes which fit my personality, reflect a certain image and fall within a set budget. “Can one pair of shoes truly make a difference and convey a distinctive image?” In my business, which is Personal and Corporate Image Consulting and Makeovers, the answer is a resounding YES!!! Can one pair of shoes...

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