Author: Deb Lapmardo

Do I Still Have It?

“Do I still “have it?” Am I still the strong, capable, confident person that I used to be? Or am I sliding down the backside of life, less worthy because, and just because, I’m older?” Sound familiar? Sadly, it’s way too familiar in our youth-centric culture, although most of us are afraid to voice these doubts even to ourselves. Many of us in our 60s, 50s or even 40s have allowed the prevailing messages from the media, from employers, and even from our own family and friends to undermine our self-confidence and our sense of self-worth. But pay close...

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Find a Craft Beer You’ll Love to Drink

Beer isn’t just “beer” anymore. Since craft beers took the beverage market by storm, retailers’ beer shelves are loaded with an often bewildering array of beer styles and flavors. But that’s a good thing! With literally hundreds of styles to choose from, you can find something that’ll make you a craft beer lover. So which craft brews should you try? And which are you likely to enjoy? These suggestions will help you sip and sample your way through some of America’s best micro-brews, and discover for yourself the styles and flavors you like best. Start with a trip to...

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Why Can’t I Drink Wine Like I Used To?

I’ve heard this question literally hundreds of times. I’ve even asked it myself. There are many variations, such as “I seem to get drunk on less,” or “In the morning I can’t remember the night before.” Rest assured that if you’ve had anything like these experiences, you are not alone. So why does it happen, and more important, what can we do about it? The science behind this phenomenon is all too simple: as we age (yes, sadly it’s all about aging) our systems, our organs, and every cell in our body start to slow down. According to nutritionist...

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10 Things You Always Wanted to Know About “Fortified Wine”

The first thing to ask, of course, is “what are fortified wines?” Nine people out of ten couldn’t tell you that Port, Sherry and Marsala share this special category. But fortified wines are really wonderful, and just a little information will enable you to use and enjoy them (and look really smart in front of your wine geek friends). 1-“Fortified Wines” started life as ordinary red or white wine, but at some stage in the fermentation process they received a dose of neutral grape spirits. This addition stopped the fermentation process in its tracks, producing a wine that is...

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How To Really Enjoy That New Year’s Toast

“I just don’t like Champagne.” I’ve heard this way too often, especially when the time rolls around to pick a bubbly for New Year’s Eve. The truth is, many people just suffer through the toasting due to the fact that they’re drinking a sparkling wine that is either too dry or too sweet for their palate. But it doesn’t have to be that way! There are as many styles of sparkling wine as there are taste preferences, and you can find one to fit your own personal palate. Here’s how to find your own personal fave for this year’s...

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About two years ago a 16 year old boy was labeled the Affluenza Teen when he was on trial for killing four people and injuring nine others while driving drunk. A psychologist for the Defense claimed that the teen, Ethan Couch, had suffered from leading such a privileged life that he didn’t know right from wrong. The judge chose leniency, sentencing him to just 10 years probation and a treatment program. The case has resurfaced recently because Ethan Couch is purportedly “on the lam,” having fled his home after being seen playing Beer Pong on a video. His mother...

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