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Elissa Goodman’s Path To A Healthier You

Elissa Goodman is a nutritionist and lifestyle expert who believes that proper nutrition is not only essential for optimal health, but can also make a huge difference in healing the body from the inside out. Goodman knows firsthand how important physical and mental health is after facing life threatening Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at 32 years-old. She opted for an integrated approach, combining holistic nutrition with her traditional treatment, and it worked. By nourishing her body with clean eating, and managing her stress, Goodman was able to heal her body while undergoing treatment for Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She just released her first...

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Dr. Michael Breus’ New Book ‘The Power of When’ Helps You Seize The Day

Dr. Michael Breus’ new book, “The Power of When,” is helping readers discover their potential through a few questions and a little bit of science. Everyone has a chronotype, or a biological clock that we operate under. Knowing your chronotype means discovering the best times to do just about anything and everything. Are you a morning person or a night owl? Do you like to eat right when you wake up, or after a few hours of being awake? Your body’s unique preferences and patterns are all determined by your chronotype. The chronotype is the classification and scientific study...

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Golden Opportunities Inside The Discomfort Zone

Dr. Marcia Reynolds’ new book, “The Discomfort Zone: How Leaders Turn Difficult Conversations into Breakthroughs,” is teaching its readers how to spark innovative thinking through conversation. A speaker and coach, Reynolds discusses how those in positions of leadership or coaching can learn to truly listen to their team to increase effective productivity and growth. “People need to be aroused by surprising statements about their behavior and by questions that make them stop and think about what they are saying,” Reynolds writes in her book. “If you act on this moment by helping to solidify the new awareness, their minds...

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A Checkered Past Can Still Mean A Bright Future

It’s no secret that people from all walks of life battle addiction, and sadly it can be a losing, and sometimes fatal, battle. Dug McGuirk is a motivational speaker who knows all about substance abuse and addiction. Having battled addiction at an early age, McGuirk shares his story about how he overcame it. Having massive success in the music industry, McGuirk climbed his way up from intern to working on multi-platinum Grammy winning albums. McGuirk saw the writing on the wall as studios began to be affected by Napster, iTunes and other upcoming companies, so he decided to transition...

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