Author: Dr. Thomas Tuzzolino

Need a Health Expert? Ask Mom

Mother’s Day is set aside each year to appreciate the oldest and perhaps most prevalent role in our culture, motherhood.  Moms are called upon to raise children, run households, be a neverending source of entertainment and diversion for kids, and address issues that no one else seems to be able to handle. Moms contribute so much to our upbringing.  They can serve as a sympathetic ear, a strong back, a willing taxi driver, an expert manager, a source of wisdom, a cheery voice, and a world class problem solver. But one of the most important jobs that lands on...

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Cause and Effect – Lifestyle and Health

Most of us realize that we live in a cause and effect world.  If I touch a hot stove, my hand will burn.  If I drive my car and use up all my gas without refilling the tank, I will coast to a stop.  If I choose intelligent lifestyle habits and follow through on them, I will improve the quality of my life, cause and effect. Each of us has a responsibility to observe how this cause and effect relationship influences our lives, so we can make the best decisions possible on our own behalf. Think for a moment;...

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