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Dreamalings Bedtime Stories

June 5, 2012 by  
Filed under BedTime Stories

Jamie AbromovitzJamie Abromovitz, created Dreamalings as an educational endeavor to enrich and educate children and adults through entertaining educational content, products, tools and programs to foster a lifelong love of learning through imagination and creativity.

She presents these stories so you can read them to your children at bedtime from your portable tablet or phone.



“At The Top”

At The Top

“Silly Sally McFine”

Silly Sally McFine

“Gabby Gabriela”

Gabby Gabriela

“Mama and Me”

Mama and Me

Copyright © 2002 and 2012, Jamie Abromovitz 

More Information About Dreamalings…

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More On Jaime Abromovitz

Jaime Abromovitz is the Dreamalings Founder, creator and author.  Dreamalings is a fun interactive learning system with music, videos, e-books, lesson plans, and storybooks designed to inspire children’s imagination and self-confidence.  Ages 0-7 years old, preschool, kindergarten, first grade, ESL, ELL, Special Needs- ADD, ADHD, Autism, Sign Language.

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One Response to “Dreamalings Bedtime Stories”
  1. Jennifer Strauss - Elovitz says:

    Hi –
    Trying to contact Jamie. I am a friend from our childhood days. Great to see you are doing so well.