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Health Educator and Coach, Jerny Rieves, CSCS, PES, CES – MindBody Unlimited

Health Educator, Personal Trainer, and Coach in Scottsdale, Phoenix, AZ

MindBody Unlimited – Unleash the Power of You!  Health Educator and Health Coach, Scottsdale

Jerny Rieves, cscs, pes, ces, health education - health educator - ScottsdalePersonal Trainer, Health Coach, Health Educator



Meal Plan
Workout Plan
24/7 support

Guaranteed results!

You don’t need to give up the foods you love, just learn to manage them.

Your diet shouldn’t look like anyone else’s.

Customized diet design starts at $50!



Jerny Rieves-Health Educator-Health Coach-nutrition-Scottsdale-customized dietsProper Nutrition has never been more important!  There is a multitude of conflicting information that leaves the general population and most athletes overwhelmed with the decision of what to eat and when. 

MindBody Unlimited is your one-stop shop for all the nutrition needs of you and your family!

A unique diet and supplementation program is designed for you based on the following:

  1. Personal medical history (lab tests optional)
  2. Family medical history
  3. Personal diet experience
  4. Resting and exercise metabolic assessment
  5. Current nutritional requirements
  6. Lifestyle
Jerny Rieves-Health Educator-Health Coach-nutrition-ScottsdaleAfter an initial consultation, your program will be designed and customized just for you.  No more guessing what you should eat and when.  No more spending hundreds of dollars on supplements and gimmicks you don’t need!
Real results are ensured!

MindBody Unlimited – Unleash the Power of You!  Health Educator and Health Coach, Scottsdale, AZ.  Personal Trainer and Health Coach in Phoenix, AZ

Author: Jerny Rieves

Jerny Rieves is a popular fitness and wellness professional in the greater Phoenix area. She has twenty eight years of experience “in the trenches” helping people get healthy and fit. As a speaker, instructor, trainer, coach, and writer, she has motivated thousands of people to better their lives through behavioral changes and education.

Jerny’s passion and desire to share her knowledge is driven by the belief that a strong nation is built on solid information that inspires families and individuals to take better care of all aspects of personal wellness.

Education and Training:



  • B.S. Education



  • American Council on Exercise



  • American College of Sports Medicine



  • National Academy of Sports Medicine



  • National Strength and Conditioning Association



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