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Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding Star-Studded Event Kicks Off the Holiday Season in High Gear!

Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding Star-Studded Event Kicks Off the Holiday Season in High Gear! 5.00/5 4 votes

Christmas came a little early this year thanks to Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding event. The Solid Rock Foundation puts on a Christmas show yearly to benefit The Solid Rock Teen Center. The show is always a little different and this year was no exception.  This year’s event was hosted this past Saturday December 7th at the Comerica Theatre. It was amazing to see all the rock stars of my childhood come together under one roof to aid Sheryl and Alice Cooper in their quest for keeping teens safe. pudding300

This year’s line-up included:  Alice Cooper, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Eric Singer and Tommy Thayer of Kiss, Vince Neil of Motley Crue, Stephen Pearcy of Ratt, Tom Keifer of Cinderella, Kip Winger of Winger and Joan Jett.  Seinfeld Star John O’Hurley hosted the show, and Bill Engvall was a special guest comedian.

This year’s event was very special as Rock Demarco, the world’s fastest painter enlisted the help of Alice and Sheryl Cooper to help him propose on stage to girlfriend Olivia Haine. Demarco comes out to paint some of the celebrities every year for Christmas Pudding to serve as auction items. This year he painted legendary rocker Joan Jett, and the man himself, Alice Cooper.puddingproposal200

It is fun to work with people who are passionate about what they do and give a hundred percent every time. That is one of the things that endear me personally to Alice Cooper’s Solid Rock in addition to Alice and Sheryl Cooper and the entire Solid Rock Team.

The Cooper’s are a very community-minded and gracious couple, and that is why celebrities donate their time to Christmas Pudding every year!

pudding200I would also like to publically acknowledge Coye Pointer of Scottsdale Airpark Dodge and Cherylanne DeVita of DeVita International who have been generous Solid Rock sponsors for years, and who I have the honor and privilege of working with on

Christmas is a very special time of the year; help Alice and his friends keep teens safe by giving them the gift of music, dance, self-esteem and a sense of belonging.  To find out more go to

Also to see more photos of this fabulous event check out our Facebook page,

Photos courtesy of Surrealsister Photography

Sheryl Cooper Talks Christmas Pudding and Solid Rock

Superwomen do exist…  I just had the honor of interviewing Sheryl Cooper, the wife of legendary rock star Alice CooperIt seems to be a rare thing these days for any marriage to last over 30 years and it seems even more so for celebrities.  I have had the opportunity to meet Ms. Cooper and her hubby as well as her three children on several occasions.

It is refreshing to see such a soft-spoken gentle woman put her heart and soul into everything she does.  Sheryl and her husband Alice are quite the philanthropists and have worked tirelessly for years to create the Solid Rock Foundation as a safe haven for “at risk teens”  They were just honored for their philanthropic efforts last month by Debbie Gaby of Sleep America. Despite Sheryl’s hectic schedule she met with me after the Solid Rock Grand Opening and just days before accompanying her husband on his European tour which will be followed by Alice’s annual Christmas Pudding Gala in the beginning of December.  Here is the interview that ensued.

Woman of the MonthLea:  Alice Cooper gets a lot of attention but you are the woman behind the rock star, as well as a business woman and mom.  It was great to see you and your children together on stage with Alice at the Solid Rock opening.

Sheryl:  My heart was pretty full to have my whole family there.   I was overwhelmed.

Lea:  It was fabulous to see all these kids at the center and the way they all interacted with you and Alice.  It was very apparent to me that you and Alice are more than benefactors here and that you interact with the kids.  I am a mom and raised 3 teenagers and I can’t tell you how much this is needed.

Sheryl:  Well you can be involved in name only or roll up your sleeves and get in there.  We do not know how to do anything in a small way.

Lea:  What was it like to have worked so hard all these years for this?

Alice and Sheryl

Sheryl and her husband, Alice Cooper, cut the ribbon officially opening the Solid Rock location.

Sheryl:  It was like giving birth.  It was like being pregnant for 13 or 14 years.  We wanted to create a safe place for kids to go and congregate.  We were daunted in every way.  We looked for years for a property.  It has taken all these time to find the right partner, Genesis Church, who was also looking to build a church.  It’s our hope that we are able to take guns and drugs out of the hands of teenagers and put guitars in their hands instead.

Who knows — the next Eric Clapton or Jeff Beck may come out of Solid Rock.

Lea:  Sheryl, it’s a privilege and an honor to feature you as our SmartFem Woman of the Month. Also before we conclude can you tell us about this year’s Christmas Pudding event?

Sheryl:  Christmas Pudding is always a fun event and we have had quite a line up over the last few years.  This year’s Christmas

Pudding show will include: Alice and his band, guitar sensation Orianthi, special performance by Johnny Depp, [who] was very kind and who Alice had met during the filming of Dark  Shadows.  Johnny has joined Alice on stage at several venues during the filming of the movie.  Other featured artists are:  Don Felder, LA Guns, Sebastian Bach of Skid Row — and the show will be hosted by John O’Hurley and Murray Sawchuck.

Lea:  Sheryl, thank you again for your time. Smartfem is very excited to be covering the Christmas Pudding event.  Thank you and safe travels to you and Alice.

Stay tuned for our Christmas Pudding article follow up. In the meantime grab your tickets now at for the show which will be held on Saturday December 8th at the Comerica Theatre.

Well everyone I hope that you will join me and our SmartFem crew at the Christmas Pudding event.

October – November 2012 SmartFem Woman of the Month

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October – November 2012 SmartFem Woman of the Month 5.00/5 1 vote


Smartfem is proud to present the October through November recipient of our Woman of the Month Award:

Exclusive Photography by Surreal Sister

Sheryl Cooper of the Solid Rock Foundation

For more than the past ten years Sheryl Cooper has been working diligently with her long time husband, legendary Rock Star Alice Cooper to make the Solid Rock Foundation’s Community Center for Teens a reality.  SmartFem is now a proud contributor to this project and was excited to attend the Grand Opening event earlier this month here in Phoenix.

I personally sat down with Sheryl for a lengthy personal interview.  Stay tuned to SmartFem online for the upcoming details and why we are so happy to name Sheryl Cooper of the Solid Rock Foundation as SmartFem’s Woman of the Month for October through November this year. Read the full interview here.

More exclusive photos of Cheryl and Alice Cooper at the Grand Opening event for the Solid Rock Community Center for Teens can be seen on SmartFem’s Facebook page at