The one thing better than experimenting with your make up personality is shopping for make up. When you walk in, there’s the smell of perfume and the multiple colors of eye shadow lined up in rainbow order. The consultants walk up and ask if you’d like a free makeover. There are hair dyes and body lotions and face powders and blush brushes of every shape and size. There are tons of stores out there designed solely for the make up lovers delight. Whether they’re online, your neighbor, or a car ride away, make up stores allow expert advice and a variety of face-designing options.

Sephora – Urban Decay and Too Faced and M|A|C, oh my! This is my personal favorite make up store. While it is very easy to drop $100 over three 5-ounce eyes shadows and a thing of blush, they have a reward-points card. Even on just a $60 dollar purchase, they throw in a medium sized, deliciously flavored body wash. What more can a girl ask for than awesome products and free rewards?!

Ulta – While they do carry your quality and not-so-expensive brands, Ulta also has a bigger variety of products that the pharmacies. If there’s a hair product you need to keep your hair curly throughout the entire day but you can only afford $10, they will have that Garnier or Aussie product.

Sally’s Beauty Supply – I’ve always thought of Sally’s as the “cool punk girl that you want to be but don’t have the guts to” of beauty supply stores. There are crazy hair color dyes and flat irons with chic designs. It’s a great place to go when you’re looking for an offbeat make up brand and style.

Mary Kay – When in need of a natural and cultured look, head to your nearest Mary Kay beauty consultant. They keep most of their make up and other products classy and sophisticated, yet affordable with good quality. Not only that, but I have had friends as beauty consultants and it’s a great company to work for. Support your local entrepreneurs.

Walgreen’s – Don’t be fooled by this neighborhood – er – national pharmacy. Just because they have the less expensive brands, doesn’t mean their beauty consultants don’t know what they’re talking about. You know that person who is standing in front of all the perfume; they were hired for that job. If you have a question on whether Maybelline or Cover Girl has the better mascara, chances are they have that answer for you.