Celebrity Style Dish is a SmartFem.com weekly series that features some stylish and some that aren’t so stylish looks seen on celebrities throughout the week.

I have dished on the looks of Emma Watson and Keith UrbanChristina Ricci and Ryan Lochte and two lovely ladies from Modern Family, but this week I searched endlessly for some photos of celebrities who weren’t on a red carpet – and I stumbled across Gwen Stefani & son Zuma who were polished as usual, but also actress Amber Heard who has a mature, classic style.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani has a distinct fashion sense and style. And, I love it!

For me her style is a little too much, but for herself I feel it is just amazing! When she wears her bold patterns and colors it seems natural on her. This houndstooth blazer is utterly gorgeous and is fitting with her masculine pants. But her style doesn’t just stop with her clothing, her physical appearance also plays a large part in her image. Gwen Stefani’s sleek blonde locks are always shiny and effortlessly curled, and of course who can forget her iconic red lip?

The best part of Gwen’s appearance, the fact that she carries her style on herself and her offspring. I love that Zuma is always put together and well-dressed. His adorable red plaid and matching tennis shoes are ideal for a young boy to not only look stylish but also gives him some comfort to have a good time.

Photo Credit: E!


Amber Heard

Amber Heard is classic American beauty. True beauty. The young actress has a simple style that is both fashion forward and mature.

Bell-bottoms are the epitome of chic jeans this fall season, and Amanda Heard intuitively knows the perfect way to style them. I love the ivory colored blouse paired with the dark-washed denim, the contrast is dreamy. Her creamy leather jacket is a fun accessory, and I admire how she paired the structure of that with her vintage style.

And to finish her clean look, Amber Heard wore minimal make-up and her hair loosely pulled back, perfect for a day of shopping! This classic style is great for the fall weather and the light colors help to transition her from summer to winter.

Photo Credit: E!