Redefining Beauty: Diversity On The Catwalk

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If you are a fashion enthusiast and stay up to date with trending entertainment news, then this past week New York should’ve been on your radar. As Fashion Week took place in NYC, many gathered for trends that will soon be taking over the streets! This year there was a twist on the catwalk, and it has people talking about embracing all shapes of beauty.

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For years, many have talked about runway fashion not being ideal or realistic for your average woman. As of last year, one beauty broke that barrier, as she became the first-plus sized Sports Illustrated model. As Ashley Graham participated in Fashion Week, she spoke out on her thoughts of diversifying the catwalk.

Graham shared with Yahoo Style, “I think there’s some designers who might want to have curves on the runway but haven’t figured it out maybe? It’s funny to me, because I’ll look at runways and think, I’d look so great in those clothes or, I know curvy women who would look so great in those clothes.”

Model Alliance Director Sara Ziff also spoke on diversifying the runaway. Ziff told The Fashion Spot, “We’re still seeing tokenism and we’re not yet seeing widespread acceptance of models across categories-models of various sizes, ages, races and gender identities.”

Though the runway still has a long way to go, until all shapes are showcased, a few stylists are making it a point to embrace all forms of beauty.

Designer Christian Siriano took to Instagram showcasing a few of his models for his Spring 2018 show. Siriano shared with the New York Post, “The customer wants to see what our clothes will look like on their bodies, on their skin tones.”

In addition to Siriano, fashion label Chromat has also been showcasing styles for curvy women.

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Slowly but surely, the fashion industry is learning to embrace all sizes. Beauty isn’t limited to a number or shade. We have to learn to accept women for their individuality and promote a positive image that embraces women of all statures. There doesn’t have to be a standard that we hold each other too. We set the standard individually, as we are all different. So as the industry begins to diversify the catwalk and rebrand itself, let’s join in. Embrace yourself, and respect other women for who they are. As I’ve stated before, it takes one person, one voice, and one action to truly provoke change. Let’s make a statement and redefine the term beautiful.