Stay True to Your Personal StyleIt has long been said that you should dress for the job you want, not the job you have, and to some extent that still holds true. Barbara Corcoran from Shark Tank adds,

“Dress for the client or customer you’re trying to sell. People want to do business with people who look like them.”

That means identifying your target market while being true to who you are and what your style is.

Identify Your Target Market

You have to know who you want to reach in order to dress the part to meet them. This will vary a bit depending on whether you’re working at a company or if you are the business owner or entrepreneur.

If you’re in corporate America, your target market is anyone at the company in a higher position than you. You want to be noticed by them – in a good way. T-shirts and jeans might be okay if you work for a software or tech company but not if you work at a bank.

As an entrepreneur or business owner, your target market is your prospective client. If you want to work with personal trainers, you can wear a track suit to a meeting. If you want to work with executives, choose business casual or even a business suit.

Remember, people make a decision about you within the first 7 seconds of meeting you…so make it a good impression!

Business AttireBe true to yourself and your style

Dressing for success doesn’t mean leaving your style at the dressing room floor. Even in a black suit, men can wear a colored shirt and matching patterned tie. Women can wear a colorful blouse and matching shoes or a patterned dress.

  • No off-the-rack clothes are going to fit your body (or anyone else’s body) perfectly. Have your clothes, including men’s dress shirts, tailored for a better fit.
  • Keep your target market in mind. The shoes or shirt you wear to the club on Saturday might not be appropriate for a board meeting.

A big part of dressing for success is being comfortable in what you’re wearing, even if it’s a business suit. When you’re comfortable, you walk with an air of confidence. You command a room or a conversation. People are attracted to you because you look and sound like you’re the expert.

The next time you’re dressing for a meeting with the boss or a client, choose an outfit that fits your personal style and attracts your target client. We’re sure you will be a success!