“Go Green, recycle your Evan Furs and Leathersfur and start enjoying that hidden treasure hanging in your closet!”This is what we tell many of our clients at Evans Furs and Leathers.

There are times when your favorite fur coat is just not what it used to be! If this is the case for you, then your old fur coat, fur jacket, fur cape, fur stole or even your fur collar is the perfect candidate for restyling.

Our professionally trained fur experts are available in the salon to provide you with many ideas for updating your garment into something that you will truly enjoy. We have many outstanding samples for you to look at, and try on, to get an idea of what you might like best and what would work well with your current lifestyle.

Many of our restyle products lend themselves to our Arizona climate so that your restyled garment will get plenty of use—even here in the desert!

Restyling might be as simple as lowering or raising the armhole of your coat, or just softening the shoulders. These small changes can make a world of difference and give your garment a whole new updated look and feel.

Restyling offers many benefits—recycling is good for the environment, and furs are one of the most biodegradable products around. Many people restyle because the garment that they own has sentimental value and they want to continue to honor and remember the person who handed down their treasure! And others restyle simply due to the fact that they don’t wear their fur because they no longer like the style of the garment.

Whatever the reason is, Evans Furs and Leathers can help you turn that gem in your closet into something that you will give you many more years of enjoyment. Our fur experts are always on hand to consult with you, and there is no appointment necessary. Just stop by the salon with your fur for a free assessment.