Stetson Chop


Cowboy Ciao celebrated 15 years in downtown Scottsdale on February 12, 2013.  In this day, that’s quite an accomplishment because we see restaurants come and go far too often in the Phoenix area.  Of course, this local neighborhood owned gem has a lot to offer their customers.  The menu is dotted with staples such as the Stetson Chopped Salad and a mushroom stir fry but the chef Lester Gonzalez mixes things up to keep it interesting. Speaking up mixing things up, Cowboy Ciao has never used a blender.  All their cocktails are hand mixed from fresh ingredients and bottled sodas and refreshments.  With over 3000 wines in their list, or novel, this restaurant will still be around in another 15 years.

Offering luscious desserts, big masculine cuts of meat and striking food combinations in an eclectic, colorful, yet intimate atmosphere, Cowboy Ciao has warmed the hearts of many Phoenicians since the day they opened their doors.  For more details on this restaurant and their extraordinary offerings, read my full review here on the

Look for a review on their sister establishment Kazmierz World Wine Bar “Kazbar” which resides just behind Cowboy Ciao.  Hidden behind unmarked wooden doors, the Kazbar offers some of Cowboy Ciao’s favorites as small plates.  Let me keep you in suspense but…  it’s dark with cozy lounges and a European wine cave feel.  We’ll revisit the Kazbar together soon so keep watching here on SmartFem.  And for those needing a fix coming in or out of Phoenix Sky Harbor, they now are serving up some of their staples for travelers as well.