Having children is one of the most rewarding experiences a woman can go through. What is not so great is the toll that childbearing and multiple pregnancies take on the body. From stretch marks and saggy skin in the tummy area, to sagging deflated breasts and pockets of unwanted fat, what is a woman to do?

Mommy makeovers are very popular surgeries these days. Intended to address multiple areas, mommy makeovers usually include surgery for breast rejuvenation (lift with or without implants), a tummy tuck and liposuction to the hips, thighs and flanks or any combination of the above.

Deciding which doctor to put all of your trust in can be a difficult step. It’s important to make sure they know exactly what they are doing and they make you look like a better veWoman Running in Surfrsion of you. I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Richard “Rick” Brown about this topic and he had many informative notes to share.

It’s refreshing to know that some surgeons still genuinely care for their patients and are willing to put so much effort in making them get their confidence back.

“This is one of the most rewarding sets of procedures I do,” said Dr. Brown. “The toll of pregnancy can leave a woman with little confidence about their body despite exercising and eating a well balanced diet. Fortunately having a mommy makeover can restore the confidence you need to move on with your life.”

When a combination of diet and exercise fail, you do have options. Many women choose to combine surgeries because in doing so, they can get back to their normal routines quicker rather than spreading out the different procedures. According to Dr. Brown, it is perfectly safe to combine procedures. Depending on what you choose, your procedures will last anywhere from 4-7 hours.

Women want to know what the downtime and postoperative instructions include with a Mommy Makeover surgery. Here are some generalities to consider when planning your surgery.

1)    Plan on not picking up anything over 10 pounds for about six weeks after surgery. This includes your precious kiddos. Scars take a minimum of six weeks to mature and you don’t want to risk splitting your new scars open.

2)    Expect to be sore and tender. Having surgery creates trauma to the body. Make sure you schedule your surgery when you can rest and have someone take care of you and your children. You will want to plan for several days of rest. Plan on an overnight stay in the hospital for multiple procedures. With an abdominoplasty, you probably won’t be standing straight up for a week. You won’t be swimming for at least three weeks.

3)    You will be asked to avoid vigorous workouts for about six weeks. Light cardio may be resumed at three weeks.

4)    You might have drainage tubes. Dr. Brown will go over all instructions at your pre-op.

5)    You will want to wear your compression garments as much as possible for the first month. It will reduce swelling and hold everything tight and firm.

Dr. Rick Brown can help you restore your body to its pre-pregnancy state. At your consultation, you will discuss the areas of your body that you are concerned with and the two of you will come up with a plan to give you the best results for the body you desire.

Remember that when diet and exercise aren’t having an effect on your body, there are alternative routes. You don’t have to live with those insecurities forever. A great surgeon like Dr. Brown can have you looking like a million bucks in no time.