Blue shaving razorI have a secret. I shave my face.

Yes, I use a razor. No, it’s not a men’s Gillette Mach3.

I started using facial razors about nine years ago. My initial reason behind doing it was because I hated having those pesky little facial hairs.

I was shaving my arms when I started shaving my legs, and soon I was taking the razor to my face to get rid of those fine little hairs.

But not only did I notice the obvious removal of my facial hairs, I also noticed that my skin glowed after each shave session.

I was essentially exfoliating my skin by putting a blade to it, and my skin not only felt smoother, but it absorbed facial products better and makeup looked flawless when applied.

I’ve always had very dry skin, even on my face, and the exfoliation I got when shaving my face always beat out any product I used.

But even though I loved the results, I was concerned that I might be inadvertently doing something to my face that wasn’t that good.

Turns out what I was basically doing was at-home dermaplaning.

Done by a licensed esthetician, dermaplaning is the use of a single straight edge razor to deeply exfoliate dry skin while removing facial hairs.

The various benefits of dermaplaning include removal of dead skin cells, a brighter complexion and of course a baby-soft face.

I’m a huge fan of dermaplaning, but sadly I can’t afford to get my face professionally shaved every week.

Instead, I use Tinkle facial razors and I love them. And they can be used on dry skin so that means no need to apply shaving cream.

They are a small single razor that aren’t anywhere near as sharp the ones professionals use, so they’re perfectly safe for at-home use.

Make sure your face is clean before you begin.

Shave your face going both in the direction of the hair growth to remove it, then in the opposite direction for a closer shave.

You’ll also notice your skin will get great exfoliation.

I always splash my face with cold water, then apply my serums followed by my moisturizer.

And don’t forget to sterilize your razor after using it. I dip mine in rubbing alcohol and run under warm water.Woman under procedure of ultrasonic facial cleaning

Facial shaving is perfectly safe and beneficial, even celebs like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor shaved their face for a youthful glow.

And the famous urban legend that your hair will grow back darker and thicker is exactly that, a myth, according to the New York magazine The Cut.

However, if you decide to try facial shaving don’t reach for the Gillette Mach3, instead opt for facial razors like Tinkle.

There you have it, my best-kept beauty secret is out.