Here Are The Top Careers That Make You Attractive

When it comes to online dating, there are a lot of factors that go into why you are attractive to someone who is scrolling through your profile.

Your hobbies, interests and social views are probably some of the factors that weigh into your overall appeal.

But one thing is for sure, what you do for a living definitely helps make you more attractive to a potential match.

According to a study conducted by the dating app Badoo, a handful of careers for both men and women ranked as the most attractive careers for someone to have.

After asking users which jobs are most attractive in a potential lover, when it came to men, women were more likely to attempt to match with chefs, engineers, entrepreneurs, marketers, and artists.

When it came time for men to choose what careers made a potential match more attractive, they answered hairdressers, nurses, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and teachers.

Out of all the most attractive careers, entrepreneur was the most common job attractive to both men and women.

The app has 380 million users worldwide, and out of those who participated, it also seemed like most people were attracted to someone who is involved with a job that is very hands-on.

Some could even argue that many of the careers are also pretty creative in their own right. Chefs, artists, and entrepreneurs all involve some level of creativity in order to succeed within the respective field.

And happily, it appears men are not shying away from strong women who make bold career choices considering being a lawyer ranked higher than teachers and entrepreneurs.

All professions are sexy, though. They all require a level of higher education, skill and dedication, and good ol’ hard work to move up in the ranks.

All qualities that make for a great partner in someone.