Anca_Bec_2_300When it comes to choosing a bank to take care of our finances, most of us have an interesting way to reach a decision. Things like the amount of locations they have, which bank our friends or family use, etc. But what about the importance of the relationship between you and your bank, you and your banker, and knowing exactly where your money is going.

At Alliance Bank of Arizona, all those things are taken into consideration. Alliance Bank’s employees are there to serve and aid you in making your banking experience one of the best you’ve ever had. This combination has made Alliance Bank the largest locally-owned and headquartered bank in the state. As a premier business bank, Alliance has teams of seasoned bankers empowered to help customers meet their business goals.

Meet Anca Bec, currently a Business Development Officer at Alliance Bank. Anca does it all. With over a decade of experience in banking, she has mastered the ins and outs of this industry.

Anca moved from Bucharest, Romania to Queens, New York when she was only 14 years old. She decided to move to Phoenix in 2006. “I fell in love with the idea of beautiful winter weather and decided to take a chance and move,” said Anca. She knew that her New York sense of urgency attitude would help with her transition to a new city here in Arizona.

Anca’s career turned into her passion after seeing how many people’s lives she could affect by simply guiding them down the right path with their finances. “The core of my passion stems from being able to help my clients find a solution, achieve a dream, or simply provide them with the banking tools they need,” she said. Helping and serving her clients gives Anca the confidence and drive to continue to be successful.

With so many banks for Anca to choose from she knew Alliance Bank would be the perfect fit for her because of their support and commitment to customer service. Anca is excited to provide her clients with great products and services, and most importantly, being able to provide solutions that few banks today can. Just like Alliance Bank allows Anca to continue to grow, she wants to do the same for her clients and help them reach their personal and business potential.


Anca Bec honored as one of the fifty most influential women in AZ

There is a great list of reasons why choosing a locally-based bank can benefit not only you, but also your community. Anca is very passionate about the idea. By banking with a locally-based bank, your cash on deposit will likely fund loans to local businesses, which help to grow the local economy. Another advantage is from the lending standpoint. “With bank leadership being locally based and incredibly accessible, I am able to respond quickly to my customers,” said Anca.

What Alliance Bank does for their clients and employees is outstanding, but they don’t stop there. Being a local bank, they find it very important to lend a hand to the community as well. Anca is extremely involved in the community, currently serving on the Board of Directors for Arizona Community Dental Clinic; Anca takes any and all initiatives to help her clients. “Alliance Bank and I care deeply about the efforts of organizations that provide resources and solution to assist our local community,” she said.

Anca is one of many employees at Alliance Bank of Arizona, who are vested in the success of the businesses and communities they serve.

Alliance Bank of Arizona is a Division of Western Alliance Bank. Member FDIC.