Breakthroughs, Belief, and Built to Serve with Evan Carmichael

Some people believe the key to happiness and success is money. Others think it is fame that leads to joy. For Evan Carmichael, true success and happiness are found in serving.

Evan Carmichael began his entrepreneurial journey at only 19 years old. Two decades later, he remains a humble and giving public figure with the mission to help others believe in themselves. His most recent book, Built to Serve, helps readers unlock their potential and find their passion.

My intimate and authentic conversation with Evan gave me an insight into his mission, journey, strategies for a successful life. My takeaways from our conversation can be applied to anyone struggling to connect with their purpose.

Free yourself from fears

As an author, speaker, and well-known YouTuber, it’s hard to believe Evan is an introvert. Like many people, he struggles with nerves, anxiety, and the fear of disappointing people.

“My biggest fear is disappointing people. My biggest fear is I’m going to show up and let people down.”

While Evan’s fears are strong, his belief in the power of service is stronger. His desire to serve others helped him free himself of those fears. He knew he was willing to risk judgment, humiliation, and disappointment to help others rise. Don’t let your fears hold you back from being of service.

Master your mission

As Evan continues on the journey of overcoming his fears, he also understands the importance of living his mission and creating a movement. If you’re struggling to find your mission, think about what your most important core value is. Once you grasp and master your mission, you’ll have no choice but to free yourself of your fears and fulfill your purpose.

“Your mission requires you to step up and do scary things.”

Your mission can help you step up and live your life to its fullest potential. As the title of Evan’s book states, you are Built to Serve.

Stand out online

Evan’s online presence is unlike any other. He is the go-to face for anyone looking to believe in themselves. Evan’s top tip for online presence is emotion. When trying to stand out in the noisy online world, your mission and core values should be evident.

“Make it easy for people to talk about you.”

You should be the go-to person for whatever your core value is. Your messaging, content, and strategies should revolve around it.

Consciously compare

A comparison often has a negative connotation attached to it. Too often, we compare ourselves to others and allow it to tear us down. For Evan, a comparison is an opportunity to see what’s possible. To kick ourselves forward.

“I want to look at people and say, ‘holy cow, that’s possible’. Like, if they can do it, I could do it too, and kick yourself forward.”

Like Evan, many people struggle with anxiety and self-doubt. Fortunately, your current situation doesn’t have to be a life-long battle. If you’re facing challenging times and unsure of what your next move should be, Evan shared three helpful reminders. 

  1. You are built to serve

Just like the title of his book states, Evan’s number one tip for those hesitant and unsure of their journey is to understand that you are built to serve. Helping others can instantly boost your attitude. When you choose to help others, you choose to live with integrity.  

“If you’re not happy it’s because you’re not serving.”

Serving looks different for many people. Some people are built to serve the world with a broad message. Others are built to serve a smaller community of friends and family. Regardless of the impact, serving others is the first step to a more fulfilled life. 

  1. Your purpose comes from your pain

You’ve been through a lot. You’ve overcome difficult challenges. You’ve come out on top. Now, it’s time to use the pain to help those who are still undergoing trials. You don’t have to be perfect, you might still be overcoming some things, but you’re more than equipped to serve.

“There are a lot of people who currently are who you used to be.”

When you think about the pain, you don’t have to relive those painful moments. Simply use them to fuel your mission. You have more to offer than you give yourself credit for.

  1. Expect to suck

Too often, we expect to be great from the start. However, no one produces perfect work on their first try. Expect to suck at the beginning. Stay consistent, keep practicing, and you’ll soon see growth and experience that can lead you to greater results.

“You don’t suck as a human, you just don’t have the skills yet.”

My conversation with Evan was a great reminder that life is too short to not live in service every day. Stop living the same day over and over. You and I are built to serve our communities, our audience, and those still struggling with challenges we’ve learned to overcome.

Evan is living his why every single day. Helping people unlock their potential and believe in themselves.

To learn more about Evan Carmichael, visit You can grab a copy of Built to Serve on Amazon or wherever books are sold.