Having A Work Bestie Helps Your Work Performance

You know how you have a bestie, that important person who you can’t wait to hang out with after work and vent to? Well, apparently having a work bestie is also a very important person to have in your life.

Why? Because having a work bestie is the person who will actually help you perform better at your job, according to Cosmopolitan.

It might sound crazy, but when you really break it down it makes sense as to why having a work spouse is so beneficial.

For one, having someone to tag-team with not only helps make the day go by, it also helps motivation and drive during the work day. The support and enthusiasm keeps up work morale and the drive to do well and complete tasks in an efficient manner.

Those who have a work best friend are seven time more likely to engage in work tasks, go above and beyond with their duties, and perform better overall at their job.

A healthy work relationship also has a positive effect on your health. Roughly 70 percent of those who didn’t have a work spouse claimed they were unsatisfied with their job, as oppose to those who had a work buddy, they reported a higher degree of work satisfaction and engagement.

Having that one person who is more than just a lunch break buddy there to encourage and support you at work shows to have a positive effect in all areas of the job.

Whether it’s an overall healthy team who supports each other, or that one individual who is always there to offer a helping hand or an ear, having someone at work who you trust and work well with only helps boost everyone’s overall work performance.

And with a high work ethic there is only one way to move in the company, and that’s up!