DeVita Skin CareAre your cosmetics safe?  It is an unfortunate truth that manufacturers spend more money on marketing their products rather than testing and ensuring the safety of them for American consumers.  Many women, myself included, switched over to mineral makeup as it was touted as being more natural and less heavy.  It is outrageous that this allowed to go on.  How long will manufacturers be allowed to poison us?  It sure makes me wonder how much of these toxins I was breathing in with every swirl, swirl, tap-tap as I applied my so-called “mineral” makeup.   A recent report that looked at mineral makeup sold in Canada found that all cosmetics tested had traces of heavy toxic metals such as arsenic, lead and cadmium although their packaging never listed these ingredients.  The highest levels of toxins were found in lip glosses. How is this even legal?

As a skin cancer survivor I have to be diligent about safe skincare and cosmetics.  I am shocked that this is allowed.  Heavy metal exposures can build up over time and increase the risk for a whole variety of health problems.  For more information on how you can help get these products off market go to

On a happier note there is a safe alternative to this toxic mineral makeup.  As a woman and a mom I am concerned that what goes on the skin most definitely goes in.  I recently have made the switch to DeVita Skincare and Cosmetics and have not looked back.  Cherylanne DeVita created DeVita to give women an alternative to the chemical laden products currently flooding the market.  While there are some companies that claim to be natural, they simply are not and the ones that are have such ugly packaging that I have to hide it in my medicine cabinet. DeVita is all natural, 100 percent paraben free, PETA certified, vegan skincare and cosmetic line.  The packaging, despite its Chanel look, is made from all recycled materials.  I have to say that I am hooked for life on DeVita as I certainly don’t and can’t afford to take my health for granted anymore.   I am making sure that all the amazing women in my life switch over to DeVita.  It’s easy to do as she has a beautiful Try-Me Kit/Anti-aging -kit for only $19.95.  To find out more about DeVita skincare and cosmetics go to

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