How Sticky Notes Keep Me Productive in an Age of Digital Lists

It’s no secret I’m a productivity geek. I love to learn and practice any new and proven productivity hacks that can get me focused and on-task. Since becoming an entrepreneur, my passion for productivity has multiplied along with my responsibilities. I’ve learned about countless apps, sites, and digital tools to help me get work done, but nothing comes close to using sticky notes.  

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of digital tools like Asana, Milanote, and time blocking on Google Calendar. These tools have completely changed the way I look at tasks and lists, however, nothing beats writing down a task, seeing it frequently, and crossing it off when it’s complete.

As a mom, wife, and entrepreneur, my days consist of many tasks, some of which can often be overlooked. Fortunately, I have sticky notes accessible to me anywhere to help keep me on track. Below are a few ways how sticky notes keep me productive in an age of digital lists.

It creates priority

When creating a task list online, there’s no limit to what you can include. While that can be a benefit to many, it can be a tricky feature to someone like me. Oversaturation can tend to make me feel overwhelmed and anxious, feeling which can often negatively affect my focus and productivity.

Using sticky notes creates a space limit to what I can write. This means that I should prioritize and write the most important tasks for that day. A separate sticky note will be used to set reminders of other less-important to-dos.

It limits my screen time

While digital tools are amazing, they often enable us to continue checking our phones and computers. This creates yet another distraction in our day and one more thing to keep track of. I love using sticky notes because it creates structure in my day without adding more distraction.

Using sticky notes daily can help you boost your productivity without compromising your focus. Simply keep your list visible and at arm’s reach to keep you focused from task to task.

It creates reminders

Have you ever been in the middle of an important assignment and had an amazing idea you couldn’t ignore? Me too! Instead of stopping dead in your tracks and shifting your focus to a new task, use a sticky note to write it down. Then, you can come back to the idea when you’re done with your task at hand and ready to move on to something new.