While most women dream of their fairytale wedding, Myrian Goffi dreamt of photographing them. The smart, talented, and hard-working mom of three is the epitome of a mompreneur. Her drive, strength, and admirable tenacity have led her on an inspirational entrepreneurial journey.

Unhappiness and unfulfillment in her career proved to Myrian that something needed to change. The change was a drastic and criticized one, as she left her secure job as a medical radiologist to follow her passion. Her desire for a more creative and artistic calling led her to peruse a career in wedding photography.

Despite the doubt and disapproval from her peers, Myrian decided to take a chance. She used their negative opinions as fuel to ignite her entrepreneurial spirit. She proved those skeptics wrong by going out there and doing the work. She launched Whimsical Light Photography with hopes to capture unique moments of love for her clients.

One wedding turned to hundreds and eventually led Myrian to expand her services. She launched Phoenix Photo Camper after she saw an opportunity to meet the needs of her clients and express her fun side. She took a 1958 camper and remodeled it to become a fun and lively photo booth.

“Phoenix Photo Camper is a combination of my love for photography, fun, vintage, and camping. I’m very passionate about this business because it’s 100 percent me. I’m connected to every area.”

Myrian also combined her personal life with her new business venture. She involved her daughters in every step of the journey. Myrian’s daughters were part of everything for the launch of the new business, including painting and naming the camper.

“To me, this business represents a passion, and showing my girls that we can do it,” said Myrian.

It’s that work ethic and positive attitude Myrian wants to pass down to her daughters. As she builds a business, she hopes her daughters will take over one day, she tries to instill good values as her daughters grow up watching their mom work. You can often find Myrian’s 16-year-old running the photo camper while mom is photographing the wedding.

It’s hard to imagine a working mom of three launching a second business venture, but Myrian proves that it’s possible. For her, prioritizing time and effort was key to making it happen. She gave up TV, dating, and sometimes even sleep to see her idea come to life.

Sacrificing time with her daughters has also been a challenge Myrian has learned to conquer. She’s had to learn to put guilt and shame aside to create a legacy for her girls.  As a busy mom, Myrian’s made peace with the fact that she works a lot. Fortunately, Myrian still finds the time to make time for her girls. Fun trips to a campsite, the beach, or the snow, help her build lasting memories that will last a lifetime.

It’s no secret that parenthood comes with many struggles, but nothing proves to be as challenging as a single mom on a mission to follow her dreams. As a single mom, Myrian understands the struggles of running a business and a household. Constantly balancing the needs of clients and your children isn’t easy, but she figured out a way to make it work.

For moms hoping to launch a business, Myrian suggests focusing on one thing at a time. While long to-do lists can be overwhelming, tackling one task can help you make strides to working towards your goals. Prioritize your time, efforts, and energy.

In addition to focus, a can-do mentality can go a long way.

“When I start to doubt myself, I push through and show up. I cry, but I still show up. There are days I can’t stop crying, but I’ll cry and work. Clean your tears and show up. Sometimes you have to fake it until you make it.”

Myrian is seeing long-time goals come to life as she continues to work on growing and expanding her business. Her recent collaboration with Junk in the Trunk Vintage Market proved that no goal is too big for a businesswoman on a mission.

The admirable mompreneur hopes to continue reaching more people and impacting lives while she does what she loves. Myrian wants to prove to girls and moms out there that anything is possible, and that hard work does pay off.

“My goal is to inspire moms. I want to connect with other mompreneurs and grow that community.”

Myrian is living proof that there’s no such thing as impossible. She’s overcome heartbreak, disappointments, and failures, all of which have led her on the journey she’s on today. It’s evident that this powerhouse is just getting started, and there’s nothing that can get in her way.

You can find Myrian with a camera on hand and a vintage camper in tow throughout Arizona. To learn more about Phoenix Photo Camper and Whimsical Light Photography, visit www.phoenixphotocamper.com.