Five Tasks You Should Outsource to Effectively Run Your Business

As a small business owner, I’ve learned the hard way that while I can attempt to do it all alone, it isn’t always the best decision. Outsourcing tasks is one of the best ways to grow and scale your small business.

If you’re unsure where to start, outsourcing your weaknesses is one of the best ways to look at it. Below are five tasks you should outsource to effectively run your business.


Unless you’re an accountant whose passion is bookkeeping, then outsourcing this hard task can be a gamechanger in your business. Think about it. All the time you spend calculating profits, losses, and expenses can be used on tasks that bring you joy. Not to mention that you let go of the stress and pressure of making any mistakes.

When outsourcing your bookkeeping, remember to hire someone reliable, recommended, and has good reviews. You should ensure your numbers are in good hands.

Web design

Creating a stunning website is like designing an impressive home to wow your guests. Your website is your business’ corner of the internet where prospective clients, employees, and partners can learn more about what you offer. So, if web design isn’t your strength, then don’t be shy to hire some outside help.

Outsourcing your web design can be one of your company’s best investments, as it can save your months of time and energy not having to struggle to create an attractive site.

Administrative tasks

If you’re too busy working in your business and failing to work on your business, then you need to make some changes. Administrative tasks are all the time-consuming duties like appointment scheduling, employee onboarding, making and receiving phone calls, and even keeping the supply room stocked.

While these tasks can seem harmless, they take valuable time and focus on the important responsibilities of a CEO.


I’m a big believer that there’s no point in launching an amazing product if you don’t have a strong marketing plan to go with it. Marketing is the one task that’ll get your business noticed by the masses.

If marketing isn’t your strength, then outsourcing it can mean big moves for your small business. There are agencies for every size and budget who are happy to help get your business noticed.


If you’re lucky enough to have a team working for you, then you probably understand the painful process of managing payroll. The tedious task is an important one, as your team members rely on you to pay accurately and on time.

Outsourcing your payroll is one of the easiest ways to save you time and money. It can also save you the headache of dealing with small mistakes that can cause big problems with the IRS.