Why Consistency is Key to Build a Strong Personal Brand

I’ve been talking about the importance of a personal brand recently, and that’s because it’s crucial for careers, businesses, and reputations. There are endless tools, methods, and approaches one can use to build a strong personal brand, but none of them matter without consistency.

Now, I can’t take credit for this realization. I was recently watching The Power of a Strong Personal Brand with Sheila Anderson. In the episode, she touched on the importance of consistency when building a personal brand. She also touches on how consistency helped her improve her writing skills which led her to publish her book I.C.U.: A Comprehensive Guide to Breathing Life Back into Your Personal Brand.

Like with many things in life, consistency is key. We can make all the promises we want, but they’re meaningless unless we show up as a reliable resource. If you’re struggling with building a unique personal brand, you might be lacking consistency in your daily tasks.

Below are three reasons why consistency is key to build a strong personal brand.

Helps create strong habits

Creating and practicing positive daily habits is essential to a productive and fulfilled life. Showing up is half the battle, and we can only get to that step if we have a plan in place that will get us there on a regular basis.

If we consistently show up to the gym even though we don’t have the energy, desire, or strength for it, we will eventually build the habit to continue with our fitness goals. Do those tedious tasks no matter how hard they seem, and you will quickly notice results.

Helps build trust and tribes

Positioning yourself as the go-to expert in your field is key to a strong personal brand. It’s that unique factor that will help you build trust with your following and allow you to nourish relationships that can eventually lead to creating a tribe.

Showing up on a daily basis is essential to building trust and communities. Consumers have to feel safe and in good hands before sharing their stories with you.  

Helps keep your following

How many times would you let Starbucks mess up your order before switching to a different coffee shop? Once you attract and build your tribe you have to make sure you continue showing up and delivering on your promise. Your clients, followers, and fans will only be there as long as you continue to provide value.

Remember to engage with your tribe to make sure you’re constantly delivering the type of work, content, and value they seek from you. If you’re followed for your marketing skills but only talk about your dog, your tribe might make the switch to the next best thing.