SmartFem Magazine and Publisher, Lea Haben-Woodford have invited me to be the business columnist for SmartFem Magazine.

People putting their hands in; ready to work together.And I am excited. But I am reaching out and asking for your help!

I know that column writing is not news writing. It is a wonderful opportunity to speak the truth, tell some stories, provide some explanations, hold people accountable, and tell the back-stories.

While I have had a wonderful consulting and business career, the business world continues to evolve. That dynamic growth and evolution requires all of us to be lifetime learners. So, I may have a distinct business viewpoint, but as a columnist, I want pursue new opportunities and write about a wide spectrum of topics and views. It will be my intention to position this column and your input to leverage my voice and my passion. I will use my voice to support and empower women, encourage them to know who they are, discover their purpose and their “why,” and unleash their power and potential.

 I small headshot of Deborah Bateman.Deborah Bateman brings over 40 years of experience in business, philanthropy, and the boardroom. She inspires others to seek their truth, open their hearts and minds, and experience the power and abundance life has to offer when lived authentically.

I will use my passion to motivate and inspire readers to grow personally and professionally, and to seek that greater fulfillment in their lives. I hope to surprise, provoke, and make you laugh (but, not necessarily all at the same time). And, I can promise you, that whatever I do, I will remain consistent with my personal core values. And by being consistent, I hope you will get to know me, trust me, and count on me for the truth. I know that I don’t have all the answers. I am going to need your support in order to insure that my work creates value for you. Let’s work together. Let’s make this column an interactive and dynamic column. A venue for your thoughts, recommendations, ideas, questions and counterpoints! Please feel free to contact me directly or use the comments section of this column to submit:Business Transformation

  • Advice and suggestions and what you want to read about.
  • Feedback on what has been written.
  • Opinions about events that are taking place in the business world.
  • Leads for stories on interesting people, successful businesses, and business practices and tools.

If you’ll provide me with your comments and suggestions, I’ll embrace my fallibility. Because, writing a column isn’t about always being right, it’s about making people think, grow, learn, get engaged and take a stand.“When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece.”– John Ruskin

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