Women at health club.I know we have all heard the importance of exercise- it keeps you healthy, gives you energy, enhances your mood, and overall improves your well being. But, actually exercising can be a mundane task. Going to the gym and performing the same exercises every single day-stretch, run, walk, lift, stretch, and repeat. It becomes as routine as everything else in your life. Let’s put the spark back into exercising with various workouts. The gym can wait; here are a few exercise places that will make you forget about your old work out regimen.

1.  Crossfit North Scottsdale will have you partaking in cardio and strength training. Crossfit is said to be an intense work out so get ready to sweat like crazy and feel amazingly powerful afterwards!

2. Orange Theory Fitness has a ton of locations all around the valley. You will be running, lifting, rowing, and constantly moving from start to finish. These group exercises allow you to feel a part of a team but still be able to move at your own pace.  Don’t forget your water!

3. Modify Yoga won’t have your running around but you will still be exercising all parts of your body, just in a calmer atmosphere. Become a little closer to a healthy mind and body with this serene workout experience.

4. The Madison Improvement Club will have you constantly coming back. Get ready to party on a bike with their amazing, fast paced, and energetic cycling classes. The music is loud, the instructors are great, and everyone is having fun while burning a large number of calories. Cycling rapidly while going up and down on the bike, almost seems too fun to be considered “working out.”

5. Amenzone is like nothing you have seen before. Forget the mirrors, the machines, the weights, and all ideals of a gym. This place supplies clean tires where you, with the help of a trainer, are able to use your own body weight to work out. You have got to experience this!

Working out shouldn’t mean constantly doing the same moves! Try these places and see how quickly exercising becomes the highlight of your day.