kids sharingAre kids growing up too fast? With their iPhones, laptops, and intuitive capability of always getting their way. Children appear to be out of control; running laps around their parents as they passive aggressively watch. What’s happened to today’s youth? I hear, with their blatant disrespect and self-entitlement. But, what makes this century of children so different than past generations?

Can I play with my iPad when we get home? I hear a 5 year old ask as I walk through the grocery store.   Kids may know more about technology than their parents- being able to download games, text friends, snap pictures, and use every application their personal electronics have to offer.

How young is too young to own these smart products?  And with owning is their supervision to what the child can explore? The internet, as we know, is full of both knowledge and danger.

Which leads me to ask- how do parents determine when their child can own electronic products? Is it based off their busy schedules and extracurricular activities; creating a need to contact their parents when they wish to be picked up? Or is there a specific age parent’s use for when they believe their child is old enough to “handle” the electronic? Maybe there’s no reason at all.

The divorce rate in The United States is at about 50%. Leaving families to alter their current way of living and if young children are involved, it may be even harder to transition. Parents are going to want to show their kids love and not be perceived as the “bad guy.” They want to be liked and therefore may supply their child with every shiny object ESRB-rating-online-games-kids-video-games-for-childrenpossible.

Regardless of the reason, it seems children have changed- instead of playing outside they are huddled in groups passing around the video game controller. Children are glued to their electronics as if the only way to observe the world is through the eyes of their camera phones.

Is it good that electronics have consumed them, creating tech savvy children at such a young age? Or, could all this technology become an issue that leads to bigger problems in the future?