Sugar is a guilty pleasure in almost everyone’s life. Though I eat pretty healthy I won’t deny that after my car accident I justified eating eight donuts in one day because of my “bad mood.” After that day was done I not only blamed my boyfriend for insisting I buy a dozen donuts, but I also blamed my thoughts. I thought that food, sugar specifically, would alter my bad mood and make me feel better. I know that when it’s my time of the month I definitely find myself eating more chocolate than I normally would.

Sugar-CravingsSugar-CravingsWe all know sugar is bad, we’ve all read the stories and learned about it in P.E and health class, but what exactly is going on? That’s when our SmartFem team turns to Dr. Liz Cruz and Tina Nunziato of Dr. Liz Cruz Partners in Digestive Health. Thanks to their newsletters I am able to give you the information most of us would normally not have the chance to learn. You can also sign up for their newsletter here, and they will be sent directly to your inbox!

According to the office of Dr. Liz Cruz, “sugar is not just bad, just detrimental, just doing damage, just making us age, just causing inflammation in the body, it is literally a poisoning it.” Everything we eat on a day to day basis has sugar in it without you even knowing. I had a similar problem with milk, surprisingly it is in more foods than you would think. Like me though, you just say “whatever” and go on with your life because it is unavoidable. It is avoidable, I’ve cut milk out completely, and here is another incentive. Dr. Liz Cruz’s office states, “[eating sugar] IS A BIG DEAL! Especially when cancer is so rampant. Cancer loves sugar and it feeds off it…if you’ve had cancer and you don’t want it again you must completely eliminate sugar from your diet.”

So what is the cause of this? If sugar is so bad for our body why do most of us constantly crave that sweet treat at night? Or in my case, almost an entire box of donuts in one day? The office of Dr. Liz Cruz tells us some frightening facts. They state, “There are studies that have been done to show that sugar is more addicting than cocaine or heroin, “and “the body craving[sugar] is just the body’s way of saying it’s missing something.”

Tina and Liz together

Dr. Liz Cruz and Tina Nunziato

Luckily we are not without a solution. At Dr. Liz Cruz Partners in Digestive Health, they know exactly what most people are missing. We sweat all day and lose water, something our body desperately needs to survive. But it is not just water that we are losing. There is salt mixed in and it is an essential mineral to normal body functions. At Dr. Liz Cruz Partners in Digestive Health they have a product that takes care of all the hard work for you! Their product is called Super Tina and Liz togetherSalts™ and the office of Dr. Liz Cruz states it is, “loaded with the 4 mineral salts that make up the body; sodium bicarbonate, potassium bicarbonate, magnesium carbonate and calcium carbonate.”

Say goodbye to you sugar cravings and hello to an awesome healthy life by contacting Dr. Liz Cruz or Tina Nunziato today!