dog workPick up those leashes because bringing your dog to work is a trend companies are running with, allowing their employees to bring their dog to work every day.

Google, Amazon and Etsy are just a few popular places with a dog-friendly work environment and other companies are jumping on the bandwagon.

Not only does having Fido at the office sound like fun, but bringing man’s best friend to work is also said to have incredible health benefits.

Furry faces at the work place has shown to improve employee morale, reduce stress, help with office communication, and promote a happy work environment overall for employees and employers, according to

Companies that have a pet policy in place also say that the comic relief people enjoy when their dogs are playing provides small mental breaks throughout the day.

Even having to get up and take Fido for a walk or outside for a bathroom break forces employees to also take a break and walk work 1

Work days for many in the working class can be long and tiresome. With a furry friend nearby the days are not only more enjoyable, but employees tend to relax more because the stress of leaving their pet home alone all day is elevated.

Interested in working for a company that has a pet-friendly environment? Many job search sites like will let you customize your search to include places that allow you to bring your pet to work with you.

Already bring your dog to work with you? Leave a comment and tell us how you feel it has improved your work performance or overall office morale.