Have you ever just wanted to disappear from your significant other? Cut all ties without sitting through awkward conversations filled with long nauseating pauses and shifting eye contact. Introducing the new way of ending your relationship called ghosting. The vanishing act that allows your partner to know your relationship will be continuing…just without you.ToxicRelationshipsFeature

It’s simple- all you have to do is disappear. Recede from view on everything and by everything I mean social media. Block from Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and even Facebook. Goodbye. “Block Caller” on your iPhone so you can’t hear from them and they can’t hear from you.

Sound cruel? What if you found out your boyfriend was cheating on you? Or your girlfriend was spreading lies about you? Or your significant other decided to be the most horrible person that ever existed?

They would have to go!

Ghosting has quickly become a trendy way to flee from your used to be “better half.” Mark Zuckerberg may need to add the option of “ghosting” to Facebook profiles.

Why has it become so popular? Maybe because it’s easier than the conventional way of breaking up. This way you replace communication with silence. After all, silence can be the loudest response. Ghosting allows you to break up with someone without having to actually break up with them. Perfect! Until you are the one being ghosted and left wondering why you haven’t heard from your crush.

We live in the 21st century, a time where our heads are constantly glued to our phones. I don’t believe it would take one long to know they are being ghosted. A day without hearing from a person would be a red flag nowadays. In that case, would ghosting really hurt someone’s feelings? Or, would you prefer this speechlessness over hearing… you are great but I think we are better off just being friends?

Do you think ghosting is an acceptable break up technique?