These Companies Offer Amazing Employee Perks

We all spend a lot of time working. Whether you are at an office five days a week from 9 to 5, or commuting 22 out of 30 days a month, the dedication we all give to our work far exceeds most of the time we spend on other priorities in our life.

But there are some major benefits employers offer their employees in exchange for the hard work they put in every day. Some match 401(k) contributions, others provide healthcare far beyond the minimum required in each state, and some even foot the bill for vacations.

Although some companies are able to offer more than others, here are a few that provide their employees with absolutely amazing benefits, according to Money.


Airbnb employees are not only making dream vacations possible for their customers, they also make them possible for their employees, too. Those who work for the travel lodging mogul get $2,000 a year to spend on a vacation, and an Airbnb of their choosing to stay in anywhere in the world.


One of the major music streaming sites loves to give employees free tickets to concerts from top performers through its Spotify Sessions. But the perks don’t stop there. For new parents, a six month leave is granted along with a month of flexible schedules once the parents return to work. They also cover the costs of egg freezing and fertility treatments for those who wish to take advantage of it.


Speaking of parental leave, Netflix offers their employees unlimited parental leave. They also encourage employees to take six weeks of vacation a year. But if you need a quick getaway you can always take advantage of their 200 person movie theater which screens upcoming Netflix series and movies.


Having to intern at a company can be a major sacrifice for the chance to get in the door. You basically agree to work for free all in exchange for the experience, the opportunity to network, and the resume builder. But at Facebook they offer some amazing perks to their interns including free housing. That’s right. Interns get free housing and healthcare coverage at Facebook.

Jealous yet? Thinking of making a career change? Or perhaps you work for a company who also offers amazing employee perks. Let us know in the comments below.