Fatty Daddy cookie cup

The Fatty Daddy cookie cup with Nutella and Mascarpone ice cream, sandwiched between two red velvet macarons.

With temperatures scorching hot, it’s time to head over to a local chill out: Fatty Daddy’s.

Located at McDowell and Miller road in Scottsdale, Arizona’s very own Fatty Daddy’s offers ice cream flavors with a bright twist.

Nutella, fruity pebbles, strawberry and coffee are just some of the bold flavors Fatty Daddy’s offers, but it doesn’t stop there.

What Fatty Daddy’s is known for are their signature Fatty Daddy or Mini Daddy cookie cups.

That’s right, a cookie cup.

For those who have a smaller appetite the Mini Daddy is for you.

You get your choice of two heaping scoops of ice cream, a macaron, and a toasted marshmallow on top.

Feeling extra bold? Then the Fatty Daddy is calling your name.

This jumbo cookie cup is served with three scoops of ice cream, two macaroons sandwiched in between, and a toasted marshmallow on top.

One of the best moments while eating this cup of delicious flavor-packed goodness is the pure punch each flavor delivers on its own.

My cookie cup consisted of a scoop of banana ice cream and a scoop of black cherry amaretto ice cream, topping it with a coconut macaron.

I am a lover of banana flavored anything, so naturally I want a powerful surge of bananas. This ice cream did not disappoint.

And the black cherry amaretto is amazing! Hands down one of the best black cherry flavors I have ever had.

Mini Daddy cookie cup

The Mini Daddy cookie cup with banana and black cherry amaretto ice cream, topped with a coconut macaron.

My only let down was that Fatty Daddy’s was out of their signature toasted marshmallows.

Nevertheless, the Mini Daddy cookie cup is one of the best ice cream treats I’ve had…ever.

And the best part is all of Fatty Daddy’s ice cream is sourced from a local creamery, and their seasonal ingredients are local as well.

So this summer don’t forget to swing by Fatty Daddy’s and try
one of their amazing cookie cups.

And if you’re not feeling like it’s a cookie cup kind of day, then check out their menu of frozen shake flavors instead.

No matter what you choose, this local ice cream shop is sure to deliver unique and fun flavors that coincide with its one-of-a-kind take on everyone’s favorite cold treat.