On a bad date? Just order a shot.

The Iberian Rooster, a restaurant in St. Petersburg, Florida, even has a special shot just for bad dates. It’s called the “Angel Shot,” and it means so much more than just ordering a drink.

In the women’s restroom there is a sign posted stating if you’re on a bad date, feel weird or uncomfortable, or need a way out from the date, to simply go to the bar and as the bartender for an “Angel Shot.”

Ordering the shot let’s the bartender know you need help. There are even different variations of the shot one can order depending on the severity of the situation.

Ordering an “Angel Shot Neat” signals the bartender you need to be escorted to your vehicle. An “Angel Shot with ice” notifies the bartender to call you an Uber or Lyft, and an “Angel shot with lime” tells the bartender you need him to call the police.

The idea came to the owner of The Iberian Rooster from a bar in London which had the same concept. The sign in the ladies room instructed women to order a drink called the “Angela” if they needed help.

The code word for a drink that signals someone in need of assistance was an idea the restaurant owner liked, and decided to instill in his own place of business, according to the Daily News.

It’s really a genius idea, and one that many restaurants and bars should start to put into place, if they haven’t already done so.

With so many people using online dating sites and apps, staying safe is always key, especially if your gut is telling you something is off.