Why The Hollywood Scandal Is A Good Thing

Hollywood’s microscope is closing in as more victims come forward to share their stories about sexual assault and harassment.

Perhaps for many people, the fact that women are preyed upon within the entertainment industry is anything but shocking and a new story.

For years, young girls with stars in their eyes travelled to Hollywood with the hopes of becoming the next big silver screen goddess.

And for every newcomer there was always a warning. “Be careful. Don’t fall into any traps or say yes to anything you are uncomfortable with.”

So, is it any surprise young actresses looking for their big break are still being taken advantage of?

No, because this culture has been created and fostered to live on through the power-hungry people who hold careers over everyone’s head should they speak out.

I myself am in the industry. I might not have a star on the Walk of Fame, but I act professionally, work on sets, and go to auditions.

I have an agent and live full-time in L.A. I am aware of the dark side of Hollywood and, knock on wood, have never expereinced any unwanted sexual advances or behavior.

However, I am not naive, and I understand there are people out there who will use their power within the industry to get what they want.

That’s why I am happy these scandals are being blown out of the water. That’s why I think this Hollywood disaster is a good thing.

Sadly, these acts of sexual assault and harassment have been going on far too long, and in my case, since before I was born. For decades the industry harbored a dark and dirty secret, and no one dared to come forward at the risk of losing a job that is already near impossible to get.

The thing about the entertainment industry is it’s a small circle of A-listers. The rest of us are just part of the huge mass clawing our way through the steel wall, hoping to secure a spot with that small, little circle.

Eventually, the lid needed to blow off the casket. There needed to be a legitimate way to remove Hollywood’s predators and ensure their power couldn’t save them.

Because in the end, when cleaning house is done, we will hopefully be left with an industry that is more ethical, safe, and conscious of how terrible of a world it created.

The culture had to change and people needed to feel safe in coming forward. There is always strength in numbers and in this case it could never be more true.

The scandal not only forces the industry to take a hard look at itself, but forces it to make changes and listen to those who come forward in the future without buying their silence or quietly cleaning up the mess.

Agents will be willing to be more protective of their talent. Talent will feel safer speaking out when they feel uncomfortable, and high-power producers might think twice before making a crude and sexual joke on set.

It’s a domino effect that will hopefully result in going back to the real reason everyone loves being part of the industry. To make beautiful films and people smile.