Divinity Event Lighting Spotlights the Importance of Family Run Businesses

It’s every entrepreneur’s dream to build a company their family can eventually take over. A legacy, a heritage, a business that’s around for generations to come. It’s that same dream that Jaime Figueroa, founder of Divinity Event Lighting, holds as a reminder as he runs his family business.

A vision that started at his wedding day now plays a role in their daily lives. It was his event lighting team that helped transform Jaime’s wedding ballroom, helping the couple create the celebration of their dreams. That day, Jaime walked away with a bride, a full heart, and an idea that would change his life forever.

Jaime created Divinity Event Lighting while working multiple jobs to make his dream a reality. An initial investment of 20 up lights allowed Jaime and his family to get their business off the ground, but not without sacrifices, challenges, and dedication.

6 years later, Divinity Event Lighting helps people bring their ideas to life through quality lighting and sound. Jaime has built a reputation for excellence in his field. It’s also his family’s involvement throughout events that gets the company noticed. Jaime’s boys age 16 and 11 can usually be seen helping Jaime and his team set up and tear down for multiple events.

It’s a rare sight to see with boys their age, but something Jaime takes great pride in. Jaime understands that his goal to raise great men with exceptional work ethic comes with its challenges. “There’s a learning curve, but they’re naturals,” said Jaime. Admitting that while there’s sometimes tension, they’re all constantly learning.

For Jaime and his family, learning to understand limitations is critical. “We all have strengths and weaknesses, and it’s important to acknowledge and respect them,” he said.

As a true leader, Jaime recognizes he couldn’t successfully rise to challenges without the help of a strong team. For Jaime, his wife plays an integral role in the success of the business and the children’s involvement. “She’s a great source of support, she’s my check and balance,” said Jaime.

Hard work, dedication, and a lot of passion are what it took for Jaime to build a business his family can now call their own, and it’s those same traits he now hopes to pass on to his children.

For parents hesitant to involve their children in the family business, don’t be. “Don’t cheat your kids out of an opportunity,” says Jaime. “Get the kids involved.”

Jaime has seen first-hand the positive effects of involving his children in the business. His increased respect for his boys has boosted their relationship, so much so that he now considers them partners. Constantly reminding them they’re “owners of the business”.

To learn more about Jaime, his family, and Divinity Event Lighting services, visit divinityeventlighting.com.