As we celebrate our mothers giving us life on this earth, we also acknowledge our moms as the initial influence on our life’s journey; our first teachers.

Meet my motGinny1her, Ginny! I was blessed each day growing up learning from her how to “never have a bad day,” “that things really do work out for the best” and “be kind to everyone”. You can’t help but love the smile and joy seen here from her college days that Mom still exudes to this day at age 91!

On this joyous day celebrating our maternal blessings, I want to give the “moms” a little pep talk. In my workshops and author visits I find behind the smiles of many moms, a “twinge of guilt”, buried deep in their souls.

These well-meaning women, loaded with long-term guilt from a misspoken word, a misinterpreted action, or an error of omission, look back judging themselves when raising their children.

Judge not!! It’s difficult to put on the “hindsight glasses” judging the interactions from years past. You cannot take the actions of yesterday and judge them by the standards of today. We all do the best we can at the time with the skills and abilities we have.

Remember, moms, that there is no “right” or “wrong” way. Try not to focus on the flaws or holes in your parenting, but celebrate the “wholeness” and the miracle of life and love that you provided. You, moms, are the miraculous kickoff to this wonderful adventure called life.

The lessons that we learned at home helped make us the people that we deserve to be. Moms poured the foundation and it’s up to each of us to build the rest of the earthly house.

A very special thanks and blessings to all the “moms” in our lives.

Go Moms!!!

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