Some of the ways we can prepare our daughters for life after high school are:

Happy young woman, just graduated with diploma.

  • Talk to your daughters about attending a university, community college, or trade school to enhance her abilities in a specific field. Teach her how to understand financial assistance. She might need to receive a higher degree than just a bachelor’s or an associate degree. Statistically, more women are attending or staying in college than men.
  • Role play with your daughter how to interview and dress professionally for a job. If you are not knowledgeable in that area, then contact someone who is professional and research proper attire and appropriate interview skills.
  • Teach your daughters the differences between assertiveness and aggression. In a male’s world, men are taught to be competitive and aggressive. This may be difficult for a young woman to adapt to this work style. Taking a course and role playing how to ask for what you want in an assertive manner can be beneficial in a work setting. Being able to climb a ladder, as young men often do, is a form of competition. Talk about putting in extra time at her job so that superiors notice how hard she is working, instead of just doing the minimal amount.
  • Also, talk to your daughter about how to ask and negotiate a salary instead of saying, “Oh thank you. That is okay.” Make sure that she has researched what the company and position is worth in terms of pay. Males generally ask for higher salaries, whereas females feel uncomfortable asking.
  • Graduates in Cap and GownTalk to your daughter about finances and how to budget. If that is not an area of your expertise, then take her to a financial adviser to teach her.
  • She may choose to marry later in life than you did. Do not be discouraged by that or push her to marry early if she is working on her career. Try to be supportive and understanding that she may not follow in your footsteps. There can be a strong possibility that your daughter may have to support herself without the help of a husband. There is also a possibility that she could end up divorced which is why it is important to have a stable career to support herself and her family.
  • Talk to her about being a parent. Encourage her to study some psychology courses and child development/parenting books.
  • If you have been a working mother, speak to your daughter one day about balancing career and family responsibilities.
  • Discuss with your teen that she might be a target for sexual harassment on the job. If this has happened to you, then let her know how to handle it.
  • Talk to your daughter about the possibility that she may earn more money than her husband and how will they deal with that in their marriage.
  • One day she may have her own place. Discuss the importance of taking care of her home and taking pride in it.


Some of the ways we can prepare our sons for life after high school are:

  • Encourage your sons to attend university, community college, or some type of trade school in order to support themselves.How do we prepare high school graduates for the real world?
  • Review specific dress codes that are appropriate and interview skills so that your son will be able to get a job.
  • Teach him that being assertive is important in asking for what you want in a dignified manner. Often times young men may appear aggressive in their behavior or speech. It is important to guide them in being respectful, attentive, and kind to their colleagues and superiors.
  • Encourage your son to negotiate a decent salary that is commensurate with the job. Also, tell him to work hard and put in the extra mile in order to climb the ladder.
  • Teach your son how to be respectful of women. The way you role model with your partner is very influential in the way they will treat a future wife or partner. Talk about how to avoid objectifying women on the job. Tell them not to join in with other males by participating in this objectification of women.
  • Teach him how to balance work and family life. By discussing issues that can arise in both your professional world and personal world can be very helpful to him.How do we prepare our children for life after high school?
  • Talk about being a father and the importance it plays in a child’s life. Suggest one day they take parenting classes and read books about child development.
  • There is a probability that his partner may make more money than him and how will he deal with that as a male.
  • Being an equal partner, he may be sharing chores with his spouse.  Being knowledgeable in domestic responsibilities will be advantageous to him. Teach your child how to do laundry, budget, cook, clean, sew a button on, and manage household chores.


There is a wonderful handbook that you may want to purchase immediately prior to your child leaving home. It is entitled, “Help I’m on my Own.” This book will be advantageous to you and your son and daughter to review these various skills.

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