IMG_2182On Friday, June 21st, the annual Positively Powerful Woman Awards Gala Luncheon was held at the Ritz-Carlton in Phoenix, Arizona. These annual awards are given to women leaders who have made and continue to make differences in their communities, areas of work and causes important to them.

Through these awards, Dr. Joel P. Martin, founder and producer, and her team empower women and help them make connections which help their personal and professional relationships continue to grow. Each woman awarded is known for contributions and success within their work and are acknowledged in PR, print and online through the awards.

Positively Powerful Women Unite_SmartFem_group_portrait

Receivers and Sponsors of the Awards – SmartFem photo

The awards and women accepting them include Kimber Lanning, awarded the Entrepreneurial Leadership Award, Dr. RaShonda Flint, awarded the STEM Leadership Award, Debbie Gaby, awarded the Philanthropy Award, Dean Shirley Mays, awarded the Educational Leadership Award, Jackie Thompson, awarded the Global Leadership Award, Patricia Hibbeler , awarded the Nonprofit Leadership Award,  and Marian Yim, awarded the Corporate Leadership Award.

Positively Powerful Women Unite_SmartFem_100cMany prominent members of the community also attended the Positively Powerful Woman Awards to present, promote the awards, or just for support. These include Kenja Hassan, assistant director of ASU for Arizona: Building Great Communities, Chester (Chet) Yancey, manager, ASU Diversity and Small Business Programs, and Jim Lane, Mayor of Scottsdale.

Deborah Bateman of National Bank of Arizona with Dr. Joel P. Martin - SmartFem photo

Deborah Bateman of National Bank of Arizona with Dr. Joel P. Martin – SmartFem photo

The Gala Luncheon devoted to shining a light on successful women had many sponsors including Southwest Airlines, Southwest Gas, National Bank of Arizona, Phoenix School of Law, Sleep America and Molina Fine Jewelry who, in addition to attending the event, specially made a pin from the Positively Powerful Woman Awards logo, which was gifted to the 2013 recipients.

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