It is apparent that many adults are simply complacent about protecting their identity.  Despite all the evidence of people who have their lives ruined by a single instance of  identity theft, the general feeling remains “It’ll never happen to me!”

Well, it is time to consider one of the fastest growing targets of identity thieves….YOUR CHILDREN!

Consider the true story of Olivia McNamara who wanted to obtain her first credit card after graduating from high school.  She simply wanted to establish a credit history, only to find out that identity thieves had beat her to it.  The banks were not cooperating and neither were the credit bureaus.  After securing the services of an identity theft company they finally found the source of the problem.  Olivia’s social security number had been stolen 10 years prior and other people had used it to secure loans in the millions.  Her credit was destroyed by a series of defaults on loans taken in her own name.
Over the past several years there have been hundreds of thousands of kids’ social security number stolen and used for all kinds of illegal purposes.  They often don’t find out until they finally ask for credit of their own.

There is nothing identity thieves won’t do to access your child’s information.  A horrible case was uncovered last May in Florida when the parents of an (8) eight year old girl were told that her social security number had been used…. After her recent death from cancer.  Thwarting their ability to collect a tax return properly.

Take action NOW.  Protect your children and their identity!!!

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