Amy-Bridges_SmartFem profile-2_90“Love is what we are all seeking either openly or privately. Why then, is it so hard to find?” Amy Bridges is a contributing writer at SmartFem with her new column aimed to help readers on Bridging the gap to love and dating. She is passionate about guiding individuals on the right path when dating. Amy is thrilled to assist SmartFem readers with obstacles they might have in their quest for love.

All of us, married or single have been on a first date. First dates can be fun and somewhat nerve-wracking. The first date with a prospective partner is an important one as it is the first time you are meeting and making your first impression with your potential love. It is discovery time to see if there is chemistry. The human emotion of excitement, joy and hopefulness of what surprise may lie ahead is the same chemical reaction and feeling of “being nervous”.

So, how do you make the first date a success? Here are a few pointers for both men and women to tee up the first date to be all that it was intended to be:Attractive couple portrait.

1.)   Be on time- being late shows a lack of respect and importance of the value of the date.

2.)   Be classy – in your appearance and in your sharing. Not the time to discuss your sexual fantasies.

3.)   Two drink limit is suggested. You’re making a FIRST impression, remember you’re not out with your best friend who knows who you really are.

4.)   Listen – be sure you’re not doing all the talking.

5.)   BE YOURSELF, why not, if you continue to see this person they are going to find out and experience that you are anyway. Keep it real, honest and, keep it light.

Most importantly have fun! You’ll both agree or not if you want to have another date. There is plenty of time later to have deeper conversations about your past, previous relationships, etc. The first date is simply a time to take, to explore the basics and get to know your date. There lies the unspoken magic that can occur in a first date if you do it right. Happy Dating!