One of the most often asked questions we get is “Why should I have a home security system?” The quick answer is that having a home security system makes your home far less likely to be a target of a crime. The longer answer is: how does having a home security system decrease the chances of a break-in and protect you and your family from assault, injury or worse?

Criminals look for easy to hit targets that they can get into quickly and quietly, with as little chance of being seen as possible. A properly designed home security system will deter, detect and defend. What does that mean?

The first goal in home security is to deter break-ins, keep your family from potential harm and protect your property. This is done by having a sign in your yard that can be easily and clearly seen from the street, as well as window stickers. These let potential criminals know your home is protected by a home security system. FBI statistics clearly show criminals are three times less likely to commit a burglary or crime in homes with security systems.

A home security system will detect when an unauthorized person enters your premises, as long as the home security system is designed correctly and the home security system has been armed. Detection is accomplished when a protected door or window is opened, when motion is detected or when glass breaks. Once the breach occurs, the home security system alarm is tripped and the siren begins sounding. The noise of the siren is designed to draw attention to the premises and scare the intruder so they run.

The third aspect of a properly designed home security system is to defend. This is accomplished by having your home security system monitored by a certified monitoring company that provides 24/7/365 coverage. Once the system detects an intrusion and the alarm is tripped, the home security system immediately communicates the alarm condition to the monitoring company. Within seconds, the monitoring company will respond by calling the premises or designated cell phones to verify the alarm and dispatch the police, if needed.

So there is the long answer to “Why should I have a home security system?” – having a home security system is simply a wise investment in providing you safety and security you deserve. Home security systems deter, detect and defend you, your family and your property.